Game Design

Sub heading

Battle of Time

A MOBA Board Game concept I created using champions from different different galaxies. They  are placed in an arena and battle head to head for the supreme trophy.

The Consensus

A 3rd Person Top Down Horror Adventure Multiplayer game. Concept is a Scenario-based narrative with Consensus as the driving mechanic. This controls every decision the group will take, making communication a key part of the game

Ball Sprint

Ball Sprint is a hyper-casual game centered around a Colorful ball that bounces along dangerous platforms and collects stars. Players complete short, engaging runs, always trying to beat their previous record.

Unannounced Project

Mobile Free 2 Play game. A 2D pixel Side Scroller where the objective is to swim through the sea, collecting resources and destroying enemies along the way. Players perform short sprints, completing quests to gain levels and unlock new characters. Game also features Leader boards, Achievements, Reward System and much more!