Ball Sprint

Sub heading

A Hypercasual Adventure games that tests a player's ability to consecutivly bounce a colorful ball on platforms. All the while collecting magical stars to to aid them in their quest to be the best in the world. These sessions are short and engage the player to beat their previous scores.   

Platforms are the main mechanic the player interacts with

There is a certain amount of time the player must jump to the next platform

When the player interacts with a platform, they stick the to it

To Jump to the next Platform, the player must tap on the screen

To move vertically up the platform, the player must hold on the screen

If the player hits the ball under the next platform, they lose

If they don’t jump before the time is up, they lose.

Core Gameplay

Bounce on Platforms

Player’s collect Resources from a few activities:

  • Playing a Game
    • Stars randomly spawn on a platform
    • Stars randomly spawn between platform jumps
  • Completing an Achievement
    • Achievements, depending on level, will reward the player with X Stars
      • Achievements, depending on level, will reward the player with X Golden Ball
  • Leveling Up
    • Player’s will receive Stars from increasing their Player level
    • Player also receives Golden Balls

Collect Resources

There are an arrange of balls the player can purchase

  • Balls Cost Stars and Golden Balls
  • Some are purely aesthetic features
    • This can be Color
    • This can Be seasonal
    • This can be themed
  • Some Grant new play Mode entirely


         There is a gust of wind that affects  the balls jumping

  • Fast Speed
    • The Ball bounces 1.5X faster
  • Slow Speed
    • The Ball jumps 1.5X slower
  • Heavy
    • The Ball is heavier and drops more quickly
  • Through this, we can also do combinations of them as well such as a ball that is Fast Speed with Wind

Purchase New Balls

Core Mechanics

Throughout the “Run” Player’s can

  • Collect Stars

  • Beat their Previous record

  • Complete Achievements

The player has 1 life for the Run

The player loses a life if they

  • Miss and fall to the bottom of the scree

  • Stay on a platform till time runs out


Once a player loses all their lives, a message will prompt asking to continue

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The cost to continue is 1 Golden Ball

This amount increases every time they decided to continue their run

Once continuing the run, the player starts at their last point.

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