Level Design Theory Masterclass

A comprehensive look at Level Design in the AAA industry. This course breaks down the fundamentals of composition, rational design, architectural approach to design, guiding the player and more

Narrative Design Master CLass

A great primer for aspiring writers who want to become Narrative Designers. This course covers a plethora of topics such as Character Development, Worldbuilding, Story building as much more!

Industry Standard Game Design Tests

A great source for practicing Game Design Tests and prepare individuals for aptitude tests for breaking into the game industry

Udemy Courses

Freemium Principles: How to design F2P games

Best practices for designing and developing a mobile free to play games with the use of monetization, retention, engagement, and virality. Using analytics to make critical decisions in generating more revenue from your players.

Psychology of Color for Game Design & Development

A course that takes an in-depth look at both Color Psychology and Theory. Then how to effectively apply that to the game industry to influence the player's emotions, thoughts, and actions.