The Consensus

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Over the course of history, there are places,buildings, and monuments that get forgotten over time. Some are cherished memories, other tragedies. One such place where our story takes place is Renivolt’s Hospital. The facilities decayed, the wings abandoned. But an evil entity has taken up residence at Renivolt. His evil plan that has been conducted for multiple years has begun to take fruition. This evil entity is none other than Doctor Povlaski.

Once a renowned surgeon, recognized for his advanced research in human growth and genome studies. Many of his published work is still viewed as the top guideline for those studies. But something caused the great doctor to unhinge from the real world and hes has not been seen in over 20 years. That said something was the death of his beloved Fiona in cold-blooded murder. Fiona used to work in the Psych ward at Renivolt as a nurse. her passion for helping mental patients was that of no equal. But sometimes passion can be misinterpreted for love.

One of the patients there, Jean Foret, was in a mad lust with the nurse and decided that the only way to be with her is in the afterlife. After that tragedy, Povlaski retreated to himself. Over the years, he fought a mental battle between forgiveness and vengeance. This caused the legendary doctor to now be schizophrenic.

Now the doctor has begun kidnapping random individuals and using them as test subjects. He believes that he can bring back the body of his beloved Fiona. he just needs the right people to do it.


To start with, the player has the choice to Join a Lobby or create a lobby.

In these lobbies, the player can tag along with friends or online persons up to 4 players and a minimum of 2 to play through a scenario of their choice (filter available to join only lobby for scenarios you want to play).

Each scenario has a different ambiance and story always with a horrific style, plus a set of Characters specifics to the scenario in which the player must take one.

Each Character has different Stats representing their attributes, but also differents starting items and abilities. The player does not keep his character between scenarios unless it is specified as a Campaign (a set of scenarios following one another).

In a Campaign, the player has lost their characters can take new ones between scenarios only. Characters still alive keep their items.

Once everyone has a character and are ready, they can play the scenario they selected.

Scenarios will always start with a brief narrative giving players a guiding line for their objectives and a core storyline to follow : Indeed, the scenario has core elements and events that will occur no matter what but will also have random generated events and sets of variables to give the player replay ability over a scenario making him able to replay it even if he completed it once.

  1. In the game, the player will encounter 3 types of gameplay phases :         A Puzzle phase, an Exploration phase, and a Fight phase.
  2. They need to complete the phase they are in order to reach the next one.
  3. Order in which the phases occur might vary depending on the scenario and the randomly generated events.
  4. To finish a scenario, players must complete their main goal given at the beginning of their scenario. Being Horror based, most of them will simply escape or finding someone / something.
  5. Players also have the possibility to Save during a scenario to Continue it on Later. It will also propose to add other players as friends if not already to be able to continue the scenario with the same set of players                


Gameplay Breakdown

Example Hero

Brann Bronzeston - Explorer

Brann has always sought knowledge wherever it may be. a passion for archeology and skill that had no equal. He is considered the expert in uncovering lost relics and artifacts that many assume are long gone.

Brother of 2, the Bronzestone’s have high expectations. While one is a top lawyer in Boston and the other a Business mogul in Miami, Brann took a more humble approach. He desired to solve the great mysteries and ancient stories he read as a boy. And after much work and research, he has finally uncovered to the lost location of Atlantis.

Now mere days away from his expedition to the ancient civilization. Brann is finalizing the legal documents required. He can hardly hold back his excitement; nothing can ruin his chance.


  1. Courage (can overcome an insanity loss - 3 charges per scenario) 
  2. Starting Items : Book of Knowledge

















Regular Skill


Medium Skill


High Skill


  1. When entering a puzzle room, you will not be enticed with the same generic puzzle over and over but only with a harder difficulty.  
  2. You will be thrown some major curve balls with a bunch of variety. Puzzles are very class sensitive towards perception, sneak, and intelligence. That is why you should decide on various team composition, or else your team is left to guessing and if you guess wrong, then it will result in a consequence.
  3. There are 6 puzzle to decipher:
  •  Point and click
  • Riddles
  • Locks
  • Traps
  • Hidden Elements
  • Master Key
  1. All puzzles must be completed by reaching a consensus, if not and the time limit has reached your team will receive a consequence, your team also has 3-5 errors

Puzzle Phase

  1. Exploration phases take place between 2 rooms. They are mostly taking places in corridors or exergue places. During these phases, players are all behind each other in line.
  2. Before an Exploration phase, players must go through a Consensus to Decide in which order they will go.
  3. During the Exploration phase, players will have to do two types of actions:
  4. Consensus to decide for a direction at a crossroad
  5. Resolve Events that might occur during the Exploration (Depending on the scenario predefined events and Random Events)
  6. The rest of Exploration is automatic: Once a decision is made, the player sees his character automatically resolve it and moving following a “rail.” (that is why they take place in corridors and exergue places)
  7. The Order is essential for some events that may only affect a specified position of the group.

Explore Phase

  1. Combat phases usually happen in dedicated rooms but can be triggered by some decisions in puzzles rooms (opening a door that releases enemies for example).
  2. They take place in a turn-based / round-based strategy system with a timer per player turn (to enable fluidity to the game).
  3. The encounter starts when the enemies are “spotted” by the players.
  4. At the beginning of every encounter, the Initiative is calculated for everyone involved in the combat. It allows us to determine the order in which everyone will play. (see Initiative Stat learn more)
  5. Once the order is determined, the combat begins.
  6. The enemies automatically play their turns according to their IA.
  7. The players have the following options available during a turn :
  • Move

  • Attack

  • Defend

  • Use an Item / Ability

The combat phase ends when they are no remaining fighting enemies.

Combat Phase

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