Player Reward System

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For this System Design Document, I have decided to create a Player Reward System. The reason I wanted to create this was because this is a system that pushes forth the conception of completing all aspects of a game's features. With that, I wanted to create a system that gives the player a real sense of motivation through their engagement with different mechanics, progressing their character and recieveing exclusive rewards that would otherwise be locked with IAP.


These are preliminary assumptions made to set the groundwork for this topic. The following are underlying assumptions made for an RPG Mobile game.


Main Game Features:

      a)  Raising / Caring for Animals (Solo Content)

      b)    Player Leveling System (Solo Content)

      c)     Player Reward System (Solo Content)

      d)    Community (Group Content)

           i)  Guild” where players and their friends can interact

            ii)    Work together to complete global objectives

      e)     Quests (Solo Content)

      f)      Achievements (Solo Content)

     g)    Exploration (Solo Content)

     h)    Global Event (Group Content)

     i)      Subscription-Based Free to Play Game


This system does not gate the player from progressing in the game.There is a total of 10 Reward Levels at launch. Each Level grants the player new rewards  (Starting off low-quality rewards progressing to giving full IAP rewards)

The objective is to stimulate them to attain higher Reward Levels to attain free items and content that would otherwise be gated by IAP.(Can add more as the game progresses).Each Level has an icon associated with it. These icons are displayed on the Player’s Profile.       Friends can see what Reward Level their friend is

Progression through the Game

In order to reach the next Reward Level, the player must Complete Activities to Earn Points towards their current Reward Level Progression Bar.

Reward System Loop

a)     The required points per level are fixed                                        i.     The total # of points to reach Level 10 is 44,200

b)       They also receive Tokens from completing tasks                   i.     This is a hard currency    

               ii.     This currency can be used to purchase                                   exclusive items    

                        iii.     This currency can be bought with real                                           money


The types of Activities the player can perform to earn Points are:

a)     Completing Quests

b)    Completing Achievements

c)    Reaching a Player Progression Level

d)    Participating in Global Events

e)  Bringing new friends to the game (Virality)I’m a text box.

Reward System Excel

Reward System