Hero Progression System

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For this Economy Design Document, I have decided to create a  Hero Progression System. The reason I wanted to create this was because this is a core system in any game. With that, I wanted to create a system that gives the player a real sense of immersion through their engagement with different npcs, progressing their character and feeling that their hard work pays off.


These are preliminary assumptions made to set the groundwork for this topic. The following are underlying assumptions made for an RPG Mobile game.


  1. Sci-Fi Game
  2. Main Gaim Features
    1. Dungeons (Solo Content)
      1. Many Stages inside a dungeon with a final boss at the end
    2. Raids (Group Content)
      1. Similar to dungeons, Requiring a minimum of ten players
    3. Quests (Solo Content)
    4. Achievements (Solo Content)
    5. Fortify (Group Content)
    6. Exploration (Solo Content)
    7. PVP (Solo / Group Content)
  3. Power Level:
  4. An Average of a Character's 4 overall statistics
    1. Health
    2. Speed
    3. Armor
    4. Attack
  5. Energy is the primary resource required to advance through the different stages of the progression system


The dungeons are the primary “Campaign” that the Hero will progress through. To advance in a given area, the Hero must defeat all NME’s in a given stage. Once completing this, they can proceed to the next stage. To start a stage, the player must spend “Energy.” Each stage will require some amount of Energy to enter.To defeat all the NMEs, The Hero must have a squad of collected characters with an average Character Power Level higher than that of there NMEs. The NME has fixed Power Levels at each stage of the campaign.

Progression through Dungeons

A character’s Power Level can be increased through 1 of 3 ways. An upgrade in Equipment, Star, and Level will directly affect a character’s Power Level.

Character Power Level

There is a total of 10-star ranks per Character

Ranks are increased when the character-specific item is collected.

Once the Player attains X amount of an item, the character can be ranked up

Ranking up a Character directly reflects a character’s statistics

Items can be attained by:

Dungeons, Raids, Quests, Achievements, Exploration PVP ,destroying collected characters.

There are also Character levels

The player must attain X amount of XP to level up a Character.

Leveling up a Character directly reflects a character’s statistics

XP can be attained in Dungeons

The Equipment slots that each Character has:

Head Piece





Items can be attained in:

Dungeons, Raids, PVP, and destroying characters

Each equipment item has a level ranking

Equipment Rank up requires the player to have an item with the same level or higher for it to be upgraded

Hero Progression System EDD

Hero Progression System Excel